Franchises Gym of The Euro

Gym of The Euro is the best investment alternative for any entrepreneur who wants to be the manager of his own gym.
We are not talking about a personal training centre or a physiotherapy centre, we are talking about a gym.
After several years developing our model and looking for and negotiating conditions with national and international suppliers, we are able to accompany you in the development of your own training centre.

Our Method

We want to bring training closer to the whole population, not only to those who want or can pay a monthly fee to have the option of using our facilities.
We have developed a type of centre that is profitable by charging for use, that is, you can come to Gym of The Euro without being a member, you pay for access.
The basis of income of traditional gyms are the monthly fees paid by members, we charge for access to the centre, so we do not generate a feeling of guilt in those members who pay and do not come and, in the long run, end up leaving and the fee is lost.
Our clients only pay when they come and that, as well as being fairer, is more rewarding and liberalises the way of training.

We Provide

We are aware of the importance of knowing the status of your centre at all times, so we have designed our own App that keeps you informed at all times of the real situation of the centre.

Our Gym

Our App

Gym of The Euro has extensive facilities, train with the best equipment! Come to the biggest gym in town to develop your muscles. Our spacious facilities contain the best equipment for a complete workout. We have machines for all muscle groups, which means you can work all your muscles and stay in shape. Our gym keeps growing, so there is always new equipment to try out – come to our gym for a high performance workout!


You can visit us at our facilities or if you prefer call us on 957 987 987